Ýzair has provided either basic or refresher training for pilots flying the ÝZair fleet since 2007. This training is conducted by flight instructors employed in our in-house department, which is authorized by the Turkish General Directorate of Civil Aviation

Boeing 737-800 TRTO ( Type Rating Training Organization)

  • Type Rating Training (TR)
  • Type Rating / Synthetic Flight Instructor Training ( TRI / SFI )
  • Type Rating / Synthetic Flight Examiner Training ( TRE / SFE )
  • Multi Crew Co-Operation Training ( MCC )
  • Zero Flight Time Training ( ZFTT )
Type Rating Training

Izair offers type rating training on Boeing 737/800 commercial aircraft. Type rating training has include the following topics.

• technical (system) knowledge
• normal and emergency conditions handling skill
• simulator training
• base training, line training and line check

Required documents for Type Rating Training

• A current Airline Transport Pilot License / Frozen ATPL (approved DGCA)
• Fluent English (Minimum ICAO Level 4 or having reservation for ICAO English exam from appropriate civil aviation/approved organization by appropriate civil aviation)
• Minimum age of 20 and maximum age of 45
• Have been successful on psycho motor skill test (mollymawk, DLR, personality inventory etc.)
• An applicant hold a valid PART–FCL Class 1 medical certificate
• Other certificates(ATPL exam results,MCC, MEDICAL etc.)

Training Period

Type rating training including line training lasts for 4-6 months.

For applications : 

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