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Issue Date: 03/01/2013
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We kindly invite you to participate in a brief survey. Please, rate the following main topics of our service. Your input on these topics will help us determine where to focus our efforts. The survey takes no more than five minutes to complete.


Very Bad Bad Average Good Very Good

1 - Operational efficiency of our cabin crew

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2 - Operational efficiency of our flight-deck crew

Please select.

3 - Technical efficiency of our aircrafts

Please select.

4 - Accessibility when needed

Please select.

5 - Corporation and coordination between IZAIR&you

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6 - Flexibility to the possible schedule changes

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7 - Our on time performance

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8 - Our Quality and Flight Safety approach

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9 - Satisfaction level of your guests about our services

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10 - General efficiency of our quality of service

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Please comment on your answers, particularly in areas where you are dissatisfied (especially on “Very Bad” and “Bad” evaluations) and please write your suggestions.
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