İZair is committed to establish the best security standards in conformity with local, national and international laws and regulations for its customers and employees. This commitment includes establishing a culture that has security as a fundamental operational priority. Therefore as Management, our goal is to achieve the best result by periodically reviewing and continuously improving our security policies.

To achieve this goal we;

·         Allocate required financial resources and manpower to establish, maintain and improve an effective Security Management System,

·         Provide security training to all of our employees to perform their duties within our  security standards,

·         Take precautionary measures providing protective civil aviation security implementations against illegal activities and acts of unlawful interference.

·         Establish security objectives and security performance standards,

·         Continuously improve our Security Management System within the scope of   organizational principles,

·         Assure uninhibited and confidential -if necessary- reporting of all security threats, risks, breaches and occurrences, which compromise the safe and secure conduct of our operations on the ground or in flight. To this end, every employee is responsible for reporting any information that may affect the integrity of operational security. Izair has a non-punitive reporting system that encourages the reporting of inadvertent human error. However willful violations of established company standards, rules and legal regulations and/or gross negligence will not be tolerated.

·         Measure and evaulate all security risks and mitigate them to acceptable levels to incorporate with our Security Management System.

We strongly request our all employees to contribute our Security Management System in order to establish and improve positive security culture based on trust by having the security awareness internalized and the communication channels kept open.


Genel Müdür


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