Izair aims to use optimum capacity to maintain the uppermost standards of high quality, safe, economic, reliable, prompt and secure activities to meet needs and expectations of customers, its employees, shareholders, its board, authorities and all related parties.  By providing the leadership of top management, to achieve this goal, Izair

- Implements applicable local, national and international laws, regulations, requirements, procedures, rules and standards within all activities where conducted,

- Adopts strategic planning, process management approach and risk-based thinking,

- Ensures the management of risks and opportunities in all of its activities,

- Implements continual improvement to enhance all objectives and relevant performances,

 - Ensures the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,

- Engages, directs and supports employees to contribute to the Quality Management System,

- Supports leadership in all management roles,

- Ensures all trainings within the scope of Izair authorizations are executed in accordance with industry requirements and regulations,

- Ensures customer satisfaction and continuity.


To ensure all this written above, Izair Management commit himself provision of the resources necessary for the successful implementation of this policy.


Accountable Manager


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