Izair Fatigue Risk Management Policy


As a commitment to the continuous improvement of safety, Izair Company has a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) integrated with the SMS to cover fatigue-related risks.

This Fatigue Risk Management System applies to the operations as defined in Flight Operations / Cabin Operations, FRMS and Safety Management System Manuals. All other operations will be managed according to the flight and duty time regulations.

The related manuals describe the processes used for identifying fatigue hazards, assessing the associated risks developing, implementing, monitoring controls and mitigations. The manuals also describe the safety assurance processes used to ensure that the FRMS meets its safety objectives, and how the FRMS is integrated with SMS programs.

 Under this policy:

Management is responsible for:

        Providing adequate resources for the FRMS,

       Providing adequate crewing levels to support rosters that minimize fatigue risk,

       Providing flight and cabin crew with adequate opportunity for recovery sleep between duties,

       Creating an environment that promotes open and honest reporting of fatigue related hazards and incidents,

       Providing fatigue risk management training to flight, cabin crew and other FRMS support staff,

       Demonstrating active involvement in and understanding of the FRMS,

       Ensuring that the fatigue risks within their area(s) of responsibility are managed appropriately,

       Regularly consulting with flight and cabin crew regarding the effectiveness of the FRMS,

       Demonstrating continuous improvement and providing annual review of the FRMS.

 Flight and cabin crew are required to:

        Make appropriate use of their rest periods (between shifts or periods of duty) to obtain sleep,

       Participate in fatigue risk management education and training,

       Report fatiguerelated hazards and incidents as described in the SMS and FRMS manuals,

       Comply with the fatigue risk management policy,

       Inform their manager or supervisor immediately prior to or during work if:

·         They know or suspect if they or another crew member are suffering from unacceptable levels of fatigue; or

·         They have any doubt about their or another crew member’s capability to accomplish their duties.


Fatigue Risk Management must be considered a core part of our business as it provides a significant opportunity to improve the safety and efficiency of our operation and to maximize well being of our staff.


Accountable Manager



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